First District Components

First Episcopal District Women In Ministry

President - Rev. Dr. Emilygail A. Dill
First Vice-President - Rev. Dr. Natalie Alford
Second Vice-President - Rev. Dr. Iola Davis Williams
Secretary- Rev. Dr. Faye Taylor
Treasurer - Rev. Stephanie Castro
Financial Secretary - Rev. Deborah Finley-Jackson
Herstoriographer - Rev. Dr. Viola Morris Buchanan
Worship Director - Rev. Deborah Blanks

Rev. Kimberly Detherage, Esq., AME WIM Conn. President

Rev. Dr. Emilygail A. Dill; President

Our First Episcopal District AME Women in Ministry (AME WIM) is composed of women called, licensed, and ordained to preach from all seven (7) of our Annual Conferences:  Bermuda, Delaware, New England, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, and Western New York.  We are led by officers elected by the body, and function on the Episcopal District, Annual Conference, and Presiding Elder District levels.   Our mission is to serve as a vehicle wherein the support, presence, and equity of women in the A.M.E. Church are adequately addressed on all levels, especially concerning sexism, and opportunities to serve our Zion.  We want to keep women’s issues in the forefront of our church so that God’s female servants are likewise affirmed in their calling to serve this present age. 

We meet and sponsor seminars, retreats, conferences, and fellowship opportunities to assist our members in growing their spiritual gifts.  In short, AME WIM strives to ensure that those preaching women in the District can network, and be encouraged in their work for Christ in all ministerial fields such as the pastorate, chaplaincy, writing, teaching, counseling, research, prison, youth, geriatric, singles, street, health care, family/life relations, music, homeless, HIV/AIDS, and other religious education ministries.  We collaborate with our brothers in the proclamation of the Gospel to advance God’s kingdom on earth and count it a blessing to serve the Lord!