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On this page, you will be able to find down-loadable resources to use in your congregations and in your personal life. Feel free to click on the links below to download manuals and other useful information.


"First Things First" Guidepost Information

"First Things First" Vision and Strategic Plan - Click Here

"First Things First" The Priority of Worship - Click Here

"First Things First" The Priority of Worship Reports- Click Here

"First Things First" Each One Reach One Cards- Click Here

"First Things First" Evangelism Presentation- Click Here

First District Lenten Consecration - Click Here

Membership Covenant- Click Here

Membership to Discipleship Guidepost Report - Click Here

Membership to Discipleship PowerPoint Presentation - Click Here

1st District Health Commission

Disaster Preparedness Guidelines - Click Here

Disaster Preparedness PowerPoint presentation - Click Here

Annual Conference Resources

New Jersey Special Resolution - Click Here

Power Sunday Information

Click Here to Download Power Sunday 2015 Instructions & Lessons

Fiscal Policy Assessment - Click Here

The Contagious Congregation - Click Here

New Standardized QC Report - Click Here

Expectations for Leaders - Click Here

Case Study AMEC - Click Here