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The Philadelphia Conference is the Mother Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and the historic branch of the First Episcopal District as it is the home of our Founding Bishop. Philadelphia Conference has approximately seventy-six (76) local churches and consist of four (4) Presiding Elder Districts to include the West-Mainline District, the South District, the Philadelphia District and the Harrisburg District. Reverend, Dr. Charles H. Lett, Sr. is the Presiding Elder of the West-Mainline District and oversees eighteen (18) local churches. Reverend, Dr. Janet J. Sturdivant is the Presiding Elder of the South District and presides over seventeen (17) local churches. Reverend, Dr. Natalie P. Alford is the Presiding Elder of the Philadelphia District and provides administrative leadership for sixteen (16) local churches. Rev. Lawrence C. Henryhand is the Presiding Elder of the Harrisburg District and oversees twenty-five (25) local churches.