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The Reverend Dr. Earl Jefferson
Department of Christian Education

In Memory of a Great Leader

The Reverend, Dr. Earl Jefferson, Jr. 

Welcome to the Department of Christian Education of the First Episcopal District!

A Scholar,  Churchman and Brother Beloved…

The Reverend       Marcellus Norris

The Reverend, Dr. Earl Jefferson Department of Christian Education is named in honor and memory of the late Reverend, Dr. Earl Jefferson, Jr.  Rev., Dr. Jefferson was an intellectual giant, prolific writer and author of hundreds of articles and resource materials used for training both Clergy and Laity in the various subjects of Christian Education.

He served as the Director of Christian Education in the First Episcopal District for many years and led many to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the  history, work and mission of the African Methodist Episcopal Church to include our doctrinal and disciplinary polity that states: “The Department of Christian Education shall develop a comprehensive and unified program of Christian Education which shall lead to a knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, the Christian Religion, and the Christian Church, and an implementation of these values for daily living”.

Our current Christian Education leadership offices at the Episcopal District level are held by The Reverend Marcellus Norris who serves as the Chairman of Christian Education and The Reverend Jay  Broadnax, Executive Director.  Both men are dynamic leaders and committed servants of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  Through their leadership the Reverend, Dr. Earl Jefferson Department of Christian Education has expanded its work to ensure that more of our youth and young adults are nurtured and developed for Christian Discipleship and leadership at the earliest possible ages.

Every year the Reverend, Dr. Earl Jefferson Department of Christian Education host a week long Christian Education Congress providing workshops, worship experiences and other activities for youth ages 12+, young adults and older adults who are members and prospective members of our local churches.  The gathering is centrally located and include persons from throughout the First  Episcopal District including both clergy and laity.  It is an excellent time of  teaching, learning, and fellowship.

We invite you to visit this webpage often to learn more about the activities, events and programs taking place throughout the First Episcopal District under the banner of The Reverend, Dr. Earl Jefferson Department of Christian Education.  This webpage will also feature news post and messages from our various Conference Branch leaders as well!  Thank you for visiting and we look forward to keeping you informed and connected.

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Christian Education Congress

The flyer below provides a brief description of our upcoming 2018 Christian Education Congress. Please share with members of your congregation and prepare to register early.

*All Registrations MUST be submitted online. The online portal allows for credit card payment and/or checks/money orders can be mailed to the First Episcopal District Office for processing.
 *All persons under 18 MUST complete Forms A, B, C that are included in the Registration Package. These forms can be submitted to the District the following ways:
Fax: 216-662-0199
Mail: First Episcopal District – AME Church
3801 Market Street, Suite 301
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Lastly, the Congress Hotel is Dover Downs.  
We thank you in advance for your support and help. 
If there are questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email fedcedcongress@gmail.com  or (215) 662-0506.
Rev. Jay Broadnax and Rev. Marcellus Norris

1st District Conference News

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AME Connectional News and Information

Rev. Marcellus Norris
08 Apr: Welcome to Our New Webpage

The Reverend, Dr. Earl Jefferson Department of Christian Education is excited about having a new digital platform to share information…