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Welcome to the Clergy Corner.  This section of our website is designed to provide a variety of valuable resources and information to clergy of the First Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  This is a work in progress and we invite colleagues to share resource information and or ideas for information that should be published on this webpage.

Working in ministry as a clergy professional is demanding and oftentimes challenging particularly for a Pastor of a local church, a Presiding Elder responsible for the administration of a District and even for our Episcopal leaders.   But, where do we go for information and resources to help make our jobs and lives a little less stressful; the answer we hope will be found in this section of the District Website titled the Clergy Corner and its subsequent pages.


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The image above outlines many of the areas of our focus as clergy and requires that we continue to study and continually be willing to learn more about our craft regardless of the stage of our career in ministry.  We would like to take a moment to thank our Episcopal Father in Christ, Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram for his visionary leadership and willingness to share a wealth of information and valuable resources at our various District Meetings as well as through many of his own personal works and writings on these subjects.  This website and particularly this section will serve as a Portal and Repository for all clergy persons in the First Episcopal District to have access to the many handouts, documents and other resources distributed at our District Meetings and other gatherings that are either presented by our Episcopal leadership, guest lecturers as well as our colleagues. We pray you will enjoy visiting the Clergy Corner often!

Words From Our Bishop

Clergy Resources

Please find a list of books that serve as interpretive aids used to accompany the central role Scripture, preaching, and teaching does in performing pastoral ministry.
This two-part series is an indispensable resource, and the proof is in the number of copies sold. You can trust John Walton’s knowledge of ancient Near Eastern sources and what bearing it has on interpreting the Old Testament.
Keener’s knowledge of classical sources is widely recognized, and all of his work is marked by tremendous erudition and thoroughness. This volume is critical for understanding both familiar and problem passages in the New Testament.
This new collection of John Wesley’s sermons includes introductory remarks by two of the world’s foremost Wesley scholars, and additionally, is arranged theologically according to the order of salvation. This will quickly become your go-to resource for regularly engaging this important historic material.
This was one of the first books I read in seminary, and it successfully alerted me to the complexities of trust, dynamics of power in relationships, and responsibility in pastoral leadership.
Peterson is the author of the multi-million-selling The Message Bible. In this memoir, he shares personal stories and wisdom that will challenge you to rethink ministry in our age of consumerism. The result is a thoughtful and refreshing vision of pastoral vocation.
As as Wesleyan, I need a survey of the early Methodist movement on my shelf, including interpretation of its early theology and organization. Heitzenrater is a leading Wesleyan scholar and this work is both trusted and definitive on the topic.
I can think of no better modern book on apologetics than this one written just a few years ago by Timothy Keller. It is comprehensive, and Keller writes as a pastor, though still maintaining intellectual integrity and robust arguments. He has been called a “modern C. S. Lewis” by the New York Times.

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