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Preparing the District for the Ministry of Evangelism

The First Episcopal District Ministry of Evangelism is pleased to be a major part of  “The Big Picture 2020 Vision for the District.  A major component of The Big Picture is the “Operation Andrew Evangelistic Thrust”.  Our Bishop reminds us that when Andrew accepted Christ’s call and led his brother, Peter, to the Lord, Jesus made these obscure fishermen a profound promise that they would become fishers of people.  This glorious promise is at the heart of discipleship.

Operation Andrew calls on all members of the First Episcopal District to accept Christ’s mandate to win souls. Indeed it is true, “unless souls are saved, nothing is saved.”  At the core of Operation Andrew is the concept, “each one, teach one; each one, reach one; each one, bring one; each one, win one for Christ and His Church.”  When each member becomes committed to the importance of being a disciple they will draw those around them to Christ as well.  Members of the First Episcopal District are being called to put aside the ‘heresy of Cain”and become their brother’s and sister’s keeper.  We are being asked to do so by sharing the good news of the Gospel and help bring neighbors, friends, relatives and strangers into the fellowship and body of Christ. To do this we are establishing the Operation Andrew Evangelistic Plan to win 10,000 new members to Christ.

The District is poised for growth but it is going to take leadership, sacrifice, and commitment do do it.  To develop an effective evangelistic plan we must work together to address three basic questions:

  1. What should the role be between the First District pastors, presiding elders, the Ministry of Evangelism, laity and all ordained clergy?
  2. What will be the ideal relationship between these entities?; and
  3. What are the strategies for expanding our presence throughout the seven annual conferences?

Making Disciples...

Operation Andrew is more about the future than the present and it is more about the many than the few; it is a blueprint for change and transformation with The First Episcopal District.  Operation Andrew is all about people.  The process involves moving outward rather than inward.  We cannot mortgage our Church’s future by failing to act courageously and responsibly in the present.  Our children and generations unborn are counting on us to make a difference.  We must not let them down.

Please read the complete plan for Operation Andrew in  The Big Picture Guide”. (simply click the link).  An Evangelism campaign has already be developed and is being implement at each Annual Conference Ministry of Evangelism night.  We have designed a special Worship Service with a theme titled “Imagine A New You Living A New Life”.  Clergy and laypersons alike are asked to evangelize within the community of their local church and invite those who have not given their life to Christ or are not members of a Church already to attend this Worship Service.   

This concept should extend well beyond our Annual Conferences as we are encouraged to use this theme throughout the year to help achieve our evangelism goals!  

Claiming a Successful Year!

Your Brother In Christ Jesus,
The Reverend, Dr. D. Albert Turk
Director, Ministry of Evangelism
First Episcopal District