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What an honor it is to greet and welcome you to the Official First Episcopal District Website and our Women’s Missionary Society introduction page.  Here you will find highlights of information about our work, ministry, programs and events.  But, we also encourage you to visit our 1st District WMS website to learn more about us particularly from a Conference Branch level. Thank you for visiting!

Ms. Patricia Nira Smith
WMS President
First Episcopal District

A Learning Experience

One of the major WMS Conferences of the year is our Learning Experience.  This conference is a valuable training experience filled with workshops, leadership training and time for Worship and fellowship.  We encourage all WMS members and prospective members to attend the 2019 Learning Experience. Please share with others and use the brochure below as a Recruitment tool to attract those who may be interested in becoming a part of the Women’s Missionary Society.

An Introduction to our Ministry

The Women’s Missionary Society (WMS)  is one of the most active and impactful ministries in the First Episcopal District and throughout the A.M.E. Church Connection.   We are the parent organization of the Young People’s Division and members of our society work closely with the YPD leadership to ensure that young people are nurtured and trained properly to become outstanding Christian leaders and adults.  Women and young ladies of all ages who are members of one of our local church societies are encouraged to join us and become a part of our ministry team.  This is an excellent time for the work of Missions.  With all that is going on throughout the world and in the various neighborhoods and communities where we live and work, the hands of the Missionary is needed more than ever before.

Ms. Patricia Nira Smith is the current WMS president for the First Episcopal District. She leads the WMS in partnership with the awesome leadership of local presidents and officers representing the Society throughout the seven Annual Conferences which comprise Delaware, New England, New Jersey, New York, Western New York, Pennsylvania and the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda.

The First Episcopal District website and this webpage is a gateway to our WMS website where you will learn even more about the various ministry programs and activities of our ministry.  But, while you are here please take time to explore the page and the many areas of content that will provide you with a quick glimpse into our society while keeping you informed and linked into the our larger Church community.

Meet A Few Members of Our Conference Branch Leadership Team

We are proud to say that the Women’s Missionary Society of the First Episcopal District is represented by a dynamic team of leaders who serve as Presidents at the Conference level.  We appreciate their hard work, enthusiasm and commitment to serve our Church well through the excellent delivery of ministry and missions.

Missionary Moments

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