Music and Liturgical Dance Ministries of the
First Episcopal District

The Reverend Justin T. Powell
Justin Powell has recently become the Director of the 1st District Mass Choir and also serves in the Delaware Conference where he has led the Conference Choir for 12 years and ministers as the Assistant Director of Music and Organist for Bethel A.M.E. Church Wilmington, Delaware.

Reverend Robert Lowe

Reverend Robert Lowe is a renaissance man, a worshipper, a believer, an entrepreneur, a builder, a worker, a dreamer, and a healer. He is a man after God’s own heart.   He attributes all the success and growth of his ministry to the power and favor of God. He has provided clear vision and dynamic leadership for over 25 years as shepherd over the Mount Moriah A.M.E. Church in Cabria Heights, NY.
For over 50 years, Reverend Lowe has been perfecting praise and worship.  He’s used his passion for music to reach the masses. He is a mentor, coach and councilor to many of the young singers, musicians and artist who are part of the A.M.E. Church family across the Connection.

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Worship through Music, Song and Dance

The First Episcopal District provides an opportunity for gifted persons in the areas of music vocals, instrumentals, dance and theatrical arts to join our District choirs and ensembles that are structured to nurture and train aspiring artist while embracing the gifts of the more seasoned performers and ministers as we collectively minister throughout the First Episcopal District.  Music and Liturgical Ministries are essential to the Worship experiences of our Church.

We are pleased to have a number of dynamic Music/Liturgical leaders in the First Episcopal District.  Our musical teams are lead by Reverend, Dr. Robert Lowe, Reverend Justin Powell and Reverend Paul  Thomas; serving as Choir Directors. Reverend Richard Norris II and Brother Earl Knight are District Organist accompanied by a talented and diverse team of musicians.  Our District Liturgical Dance Ministry is led by Reverend Eyesha Marable and Mrs. Ingrid Broadnax.  Every member of the District’s Music and Liturgical Dance Ministry has amazing and unique gifts and have made major contributions to the First Episcopal District’ Worship presentations.

Reverend Eyesha Marable

Mrs. Ingrid Broadnax

Music and Liturgical Ministry News

Stay on top of important news and information about the Music and Liturgical Dance Ministries. See the District Calendar for important dates including rehearsals and Worship Services that you would like to attend.  Please fill in the contact box so that we may include you on our mailing list as well.  Thank you.

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The Reverend Paul Thomas
Reverend Paul Thomas is the1st District Young Adult Choir Director and also serves in the Philadelphia Conference as the Pastor of AME Union Church.

Mr. Earl Knight

One our youngest and most talented ministers of music in the First Episcopal District is Mr. Earl Knight.  An anointed man of God, he is one of the lead organist for many of the District choirs and also serves as Music Director for Zion A.M.E. Church in Philadelphia, his home church.

Reverend Richard Norris II

Reverend Richard Norris II is an accomplished organist playing in the African Methodist Episcopal Church most of his life.  He is the Pastor of Bethel A.M.E. Church in Pennsauken, New Jersey.  Rev. Norris II has led the First Episcopal District Music Ministry for years, but has recently passed the mantle to up and coming musicians, organist and pianist who he mentors and helps with their development into excellent and anointed musicians capable of leading Praise and Worship during every District meeting.