Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram and Rev. Dr. Jessica Kendall Ingram

Bishop Ingram’s Creed and Motto


I BELIEVE every person in this world is called to make a difference.

I BELIEVE God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, into the world as a living and loving sacrifice to restore all persons to a right relationship with Him.

I BELIEVE God created every person in His image, full of possibilities and endowed with unique gifts and a place in Creation-a place no other person was created to fill.

I BELIEVE the only way to complete fulfillment-now and throughout Eternity-is through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

I BELIEVE the highest honor of a person’s life is to be called a Christian, that the Christian’s supreme obligation is to be available to God and that the greatest gift one person can bestow upon another is the Gospel message of salvation.

Bishop Ingram’s Fundamental Belief System Embraces Three Basic Principles

I BELIEVE God sent his Son Jesus Christ into the wold because of His love for people and His desire to save us from sin.

I BELIEVE God alone fulfills because of His love.

I BELIEVE you and I must share the Good News of eh Gospel because of God’s redeeming love.

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Bishop Ingram’s Motto

The greatest issue in the world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving.

An Introduction to The Big Picture

The First Episcopal District is at a point where we must confront a myriad of challenges, one of which is the challenge to change.  As with any modification to the traditional order of things, new challenges always pose and raise new questions.  Nevertheless, positive change is a worthy alternative to the mundanity of the status quo.  If we hope to remain a force for God in the 21st century and beyond, there are some changes the Church and District must embrace.  There are many underpinnings to the dream and vision of The Big Picture we have for the First Episcopal District, but these three imperatives ar paramount: (1) Partnership and Participation; (2) Navigating Uncharted Territories; (3) Facing Future Realties.   The third imperative  “Facing Future Realities”, I would like to highlight here along with one of our Action Plan goals “Spiritual Formation”.

Succinctly stated, if we do nothing different in the future than what we are doing today, the local church as we know it will die.  Today we are facing the realities of people not going to church as often as the used to.  We even have parishioners now attending other denominations or wrestling with whether to attend church in-person or worship through TV and online ministries alone.  It is important that we be honest with ourselves about where we are in an effort to understand the steps needed to ensure our continued growth and survival.
Indeed, declining memberships, spiritual depravity, lack of commitment, planning deficiencies, technological unreadiness, fiscal instability and uncertainty are the hallmarks of a dying organization. The legacy of the African Methodist Episcopal Church is a foundation that is rooted in a credible history of vision, achievement, and accomplishment against all odds.  It is with this precept in mind that we must face the need to change.  Change is difficult, but necessary.  Just as Jesus taught that we must put “new wine into new wineskins” (Matthew 9:17), the future demands that we not merely think “outside the box,” but to think “beyond the box” and embark on a massive campaign to plant new churches and strengthen our existing ones. I invite every member and prospective member of our  Church to join with us to make a difference in the future of our Church!
– Bishop Gregory G. M. Ingram –

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