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The African Methodist Episcopal Church has a rich history of involvement in numerous Social Action causes. Men and Women, both clergy and lay persons have been engaged on the battlefield fight for justice and the rights of our people and others since the beginning of our founding as a Church institution.  Our church was birth and established out of a Social Action where the people came together to stand against the injustices towards African American peoples in the late 1800s by members of a certain predominantly White Church congregation in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania that our founder and his contemporary Absalom Jones believed could no longer be tolerated and thus led the people away from such indignities.

Today, in the First Episcopal District under the visionary leadership of our Bishop as part of  “The Big Picture Imperative of Facing Future Realities” has introduced a M.O.V.E. (Mobilize, Organize, Vote and Engage) Social Action initiative as part of the 2020 vision for the District. Through this initiative we are proud to walk in the footsteps of many of the great leaders of our Church who have worked tirelessly for many Social and Civil Rights causes throughout our nation.

Reverend, Dr. Craig J. Wright, Pastor of Calvary AME Church in Glen Cove, NY will serve as the Director of Social Action and Chairperson for the First Episcopal District.  With the advent of the new presidential administration in the United States and the ever increasing global unrest it as brought, there has never been a more critical time for the Church to assume its rightful place as the moral agency for transformation in the world.  Borrowing lessons from the Civil Rights Movement – which was, in essence, the culmination of smaller sustained movements across the country – our Let’s M.O.V.E initiative will provide leadership, resources and support to all of our local churches in every Conference working in the ministry of Social Action.

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This webpage will serve as a central information portal that will be used to keep our Conference Social Action Chairpersons and others in constant touch with the First Episcopal District Chairperson and committee.  Please visit this site often to view Blog and News Post that highlight certain Social Action initiatives and activities taking place around the District.

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Long Island/Nassau County New York
Glen Cove unity march commemorates King’s 1965 Selma marches
Reverend, Dr. Craig J. Wright leading the charge