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Ms. Susan Butler

Welcome to the Official District webpage for the Young People’s Division (YPD) of the First Episcopal District.  We are excited to share with you information and highlights of the work and ministry of the First Episcopal District’ YPD.  The Young People’s Division is a  fun-filled, dynamic and engagin spiritual enrichment and leadership development ministry for Christian youth and young adults.   Our ministry provides structured programs and initiatives that serve children, youth and young adults who are members of our local Church societies as well as those outside of our walls that we strive to reach with a message of hope and Good News.

Mr. Sean Lewis

The First Episcopal District YPD is led by Ms. Susan Butler our District YPD Director and Mr. Sean Lewis, YPD President along with a host of leaders at the Conference level who work collaboratively to ensure the YPD an impactful and relevant ministry in the Church and throughout the Communities where our local A.M.E. church congregations serve.  Through our leadership teams the ministry has grown and thrived throughout the First Episcopal District engaging young people in a diversity of programs and activities that has led to their Christian and Spiritual development.

Please enjoy learning more about us through the various post and news blogs that will appear on this Official YPD District webpage and also visit our District YPD ministry website to learn more about our ministry from a Conference level as well.  Thank you for taking time to let us share all of the wonderful happenings in the Young People’s Division here at the First Episcopal District.  We ask that you encourage young people in your local church and community to get involved if they have not already as we would love to continue growing in numbers and capacity in order to do more to help our Church prepare young people for the work of the Kingdom of God.

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